Chargement Évènements

On behalf of the French Organising Committee, we are very delighted to invite you to attend the Joint International Congress on Animal Science co-organised by the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), the World Association for Animal production (WAAP) and Interbull to be held in Lyon, the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes French region, from August 26th to September 1st, 2023.

The general topic of this Congress will be “Climate change, biodiversity and global sustainability of animal production”. Different sessions will be jointly organised between the EAAP, WAAP, Interbull and also other partners to cover various areas of knowledge related to animal science, such as genetics, nutrition, physiology, animal health and welfare.

Programme VetAgro Sup


Farmpédia: How to improve the global acceptability of livestock systems with communication 

Anne-Laure THADEE

French Committees

Jean-François Hocquette (INRAE, AFZ)

Local organising Committee
Jean-François Hocquette (INRAE, AFZ)
Adeline Dubost (INRAE)
Sabrina Gasser (INRAE)
Valérie Heuzé (AFZ)
Jérôme Normand (IDELE)
Emmanuelle Caramelle-Holtz (IDELE)
Charlotte Chêne (VetAgro Sup)
Karima Latti (ISARA)
Denis Bastianelli (CIRAD)

Scientific Committees

Global committee
Patrick Chapoutot, Jean-Louis Peyraud, Rene Baumont, Sabrina Gasser, Philippe Chemineau, Emmanuelle Gilot-Fromont, Fabienne Blanc, Karine Chalvet-Monfray, Marie-Pierre Ellies, Latifa Najar, Denis Bastianelli

Precision Livestock Farming: Nathalie Hostiou, Amélie Fischer

Genetics: Laurent Journaux, Jean-Pierre Bidanel

Nutrition: Latifa Najar, Jaap Van Milgen

Health and Welfare: Christian Ducrot, Alice de Boyer des Roches

Animal Physiology: Isabelle Louveau, Xavier Druart

Livestock Farming Systems: Vincent Thenard, Marie-Odile Nozieres-Petit

Cattle Production: René Baumont, Christophe Denoyelle

Sheep and Goat Production: Jérémie Jost

Pig Production: Ludovic Brossard, Christine Roguet

Horse Production: Marion Cressent, Léa Lansade

Insects: Franck Pierre, Anna Zaidman-Rémy