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[Cycle conférence Global Health 2020] Adipose tissue in livestock

27 janvier - 14h00 - 17h00

The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview and bridging the gaps  on the multiple functions of dairy ruminant adipose tissue, with a focus on critical periods, such as transition. The potential of adipose tissue, as revealed by system biology approaches, will also be presented.


  • 14h- 14 h 50 (with 10 -15 min question ), Professor Helga Sauerwein (University of Bonn) : Metabolic syndromes in livestock animals, with focus on working out similarities and dissimilarities between the metabolic syndrome in humans (where the term was coined) and the related disease or disease complexes in farm animals.


  • 14h50- 15h 30 (with 10 -15 min question ), Professor Fabrizio Ceciliani (University of Milan): Pathophysiology of adipose tissue.


  • 15h30-16h20 (with 10 -15 min question ), José Pires, Mylène Delosières, Carole Delavaud, Christine Leroux, Muriel Bonnet (UMR Herbivores) : Examples on current research on indicators of adaptive response in periparturient dairy ruminants


  • 16h30 : Convivial moment over coffee


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Lempdes, 63370 France
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