Research units


Joint research Units

Mycoplasma of ruminants UMR  ANSES VetAgro Sup 2016.A102
Director: Florence TARDY
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Claire BECKER

Microbial ecology UMR 5557 UCBL CNRS INRA VetAgro Sup
Director: Yvan MOENNE-LOCCOZ
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Delphine THEVENOT SERGENTET

Laboratory of biometry and evolutionary biology UMR 5558 UCBL CNRS INRIA VetAgro Sup
Director: Manolo GOUY
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup: Marie-Laure DELIGNETTE-MULLER

TIMC-IMAG Technical of medical engineering and IT complexity, mathematics and applications from Grenoble / UMR 5525 Université Grenoble 1 CNRS VetAgro Sup
Director: Philippe CINQUIN
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup: Philippe SABATIER

UMR METAFORT Transformations in activities, areas and forms of organization in rural territories / UMR 1273 AgroParisTech, Inra, Irstea, VetAgro Sup
Director: Dominique VOLLET
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Christophe POIX

UMR Herbivores 1213 INRA VetAgro Sup
Director: Isabelle VEISSIER
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Valérie MONTEILS

VetAgro Sup research units

Agressions Pulmonaires et Circulatoires dans le Sepsis APCSe VetAgro Sup UPSP 2016.A101
Directeur Bernard ALLOUCHICHE
Correspondant VetAgro Sup Jeanne-Marie BONNET

RS2GP Wild rodents, health risks and management of populations US/C 1233 INRA UPSP 2011.03.102
Director: Etienne BENOIT

CALITYSS Consumer – typical food – security – health
Director: Annick LEBECQUE

ICE Interactions Cells Environment UPSP 2011.03.10
Director: Eric VIGUIER

Teacher-researchers associated with other research units (individual scientific activities – ASI)

EPIA Animal epidemiology UR 346 INRA
Director: GWenaël VOURC’H
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Karine CHALVET-MONFRAY

GDEC Diversify genetic and ecophysiology of cereals UMR 1095 INRA UBP Clermont-Ferrand
Director: Thierry LANGIN
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Agnès PIQUET

CARMEN Lyon’s laboratory of cardiovascular researches, metabolism, diabetology and nutrition UMR INSERM UCBL
Director: Hubert VIDAL
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Karine PORTIER

Retrovirus and comparative pathology UMR 754 UCBL INRA
Director: Christophe TERZIAN
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Jean-Luc CADORE

UREP: Research unit on prairie ecosystem UR 874 INRA
Director: Pascal CARRERE
Correspondent for VetAgro Sup Nathalie VASSAL

CRCGM Centre de Recherche Clermontois en Gestion et Management
Directeur Yves MARD
Correspondant VetAgro Sup  Yassine LOUZZANI

CIRI Centre international de recherche en Infectiologie
Directeur François-Loïc COSSET
Correspondant VetAgro Sup Michel PEPIN