Pre-specialized and specialized veterinary trainings

After graduating with the veterinary doctoral degree, the following trainings might be offered to students: hospital training, residency, CEAV or DESV which allow specialization in a specific area.

Hospital training

Hospital training is an intensive complementary training, achieved in one year, in one of these three streams (pet, production animal, equidae). It concerns all stream domains. Students are recruited through competitive examinations.

Hospital training may be followed by a residency in two years


Residency is a targeted training on a particular clinical discipline. It prepares for a specialist diploma after successful completion of a European competitive examination held by European specialist colleges. The veterinary School of Lyon proposes the following residency:



One way to become a specialist is to prepare a pets internal medicine CEAV or a comprehensive veterinary public health certificate, followed or not by a two or three years DESV certificate (diploma in specialized studies in veterinary medicine)

CEAV alone is not enough to obtain a specialist title


DESV by way of recognition of prior learning (VAE)

Another way to become a specialist is the recognition of prior learning (VAE).

That VAE allows to validate specialist skills. Students who meet the pet surgery specialization requirements will obtain the DESV.

VAE Procedure for specialized pet surgery diploma