If a veterinarian is first of all an animal doctor, he/she can also fulfill various jobs or responsibilities. And that place him/her as a health expert.

  • Private practitioner or employee for pets (dog practitioner), farm animals, livestock breeding, equidae (equine expert) and any combinations of these 3 sectors (practitioner in rural areas or mixed)
  • Public Veterinary Health Inspector (ISPV): civil service veterinarian working in central and decentralized government departments, public institutions (agencies, research institutions…), regional and local authorities, international organizations.
  • Veterinary physician in charge of a departmental medical analysis laboratory, food-processing industry
  • Veterinary physician in pharmaceutical and food-processing industry: activities in research and development, registration, marketing, technical and commercial support, pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs, quality department
  • Veterinary physician as a teacher-researcher or researcher in a educational and/or research institution